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The Emotional Culture Deck Toolkit
The Emotional Culture Deck Toolkit
The Emotional Culture Deck Toolkit
The Emotional Culture Deck Toolkit
The Emotional Culture Deck Toolkit
The Emotional Culture Deck Toolkit
The Emotional Culture Deck Toolkit

The Emotional Culture Deck Toolkit

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You can now tap into more than 12 PDF tools and resources to help you flip the conversation at work about culture and emotions. 

You can download and print all 13 tools and use them 1:2:1 with employees or leaders, or as part of team workshops.

Up until this point, the Toolkit has not been available to purchase separately. I only gave people access to the Toolkit when they bought The Duo, Team or Studio Pack.

But people have been asking how they can get access to the Toolkit if they only download the free Lo-Fi Emotional Culture Deck PDF.

The Emotional Culture Deck Online Toolkit helps you hit the ground running, then create continued moments of conversations whenever you use The Emotional Culture Deck. 

What's in The Toolkit?

There are 13 tools within the Toolkit: 

  • Emotional Culture Canvas
  • The Leadership Blueprint Canvas
  • The Employee Experience Canvas
  • The Employee Blueprint
  • Emotional Culture Tracking Canvas
  • The Leadership Field Guide
  • The Know Yourself Handbook
  • Team Retro Check In Conversation Guide
  • Bright Spots Conversation Guide
  • Meaning Conversation Guide
  • Values & Emotions Connection Canvas
  • Culture Blueprint
  • Map your Emotional Culture workshop plan

You can even download the canvasses and blow them up to 1A0 2A0 size and create beautiful, large format wall posters to use in team workshops (See the images below)

Do I need The Emotional Culture Deck to use all the tools in this Toolkit?

No you don't...

I've designed these tools to complement The Emotional Culture Deck BUT the canvasses, conversation guides and Handbooks can all be used without The Emotional Culture Deck.

The real magic happens when you use these tools in conjunction with The Emotional Culture Deck though.

How does the Toolkit work?

The Toolkit is a Dropbox Showcase page with 12 PDF worksheet tools, two Emotional Culture Deck Guides, and a whole bunch of research that you can use with The Emotional Culture Deck.

By providing you with the PDF's of all of these tools you can download and print as many copies of these tools as you need at any time and as often as you like.

All these PDF tools provide a simple way to capture and collate the information you uncover in the conversations you have when using the decks. Or the workshop plans help you plan and facilitate a workshop using The Emotional Culture Decks

As I update all these tools, based on feedback from people using the deck, I'll keep revising them plus add new tools.

Do you send me physical tools?

Nope. This Toolkit is an online Toolkit. After you buy the Toolkit you'll be sent a URL so you can access this Toolkit.