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Emotional Culture Deck Online Masterclass – Opens May 1, 2020
Emotional Culture Deck Online Masterclass – Opens May 1, 2020
Emotional Culture Deck Online Masterclass – Opens May 1, 2020

Emotional Culture Deck Online Masterclass – Opens May 1, 2020

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Master The Emotional Culture Deck

An out-of-the-box online course and toolkit for delivering Emotional Culture Deck workshops

If you’re looking to master the Emotional Culture Deck and learn the secrets of delivering Jeremy Dean’s world-class workshop to your clients and teams, then join this Online Course and get all the templates, videos, and resources you need to successfully facilitate the number one workshop Jeremy runs with his clients.

Good leaders recognise the power of emotional culture. Great leaders help shape it.

The Emotional Culture Deck by itself is a powerful tool for sparking human conversations in the workplace.  

But how do you turn those conversations into lasting culture change?  

What’s the best way to build the Emotional Culture Deck deck into daily and weekly routines?  

How do you overcome resistance?  

What are the most effective templates, canvases, toolkits, and guides?  

It’s all here. Everything you need to deliver your own world-class Emotional Culture Deck workshops, for less than the price of a single live session with Jeremy.  

People who deliver game-changing workshops are in high demand

People who deliver game-changing workshops are in high demand

Jeremy has spent years developing the Emotional Culture Deck workshop with teams at Xero, New Zealand Rugby, Panasonic, Westpac, Kiwibank and IAG.

His live Masterclasses have sold out in Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago, New York, London, Auckland, Wellington and Toronto.

But not everyone can make it to a masterclass in person. And people working with the Deck are always asking how they can deliver the most possible value to their clients and teams.  

How they can stand out from the crowd.  

So we put Jeremy’s knowledge to work - several years and thousands of hours’ worth of development and practice, built off hundreds of workshops - and created this online masterclass.  

Now you can have all that knowledge and tools at your fingertips, forever.  

Master the Emotional Culture Deck and deliver the ultimate workshop.  

Drive real lasting change and be recognised for making an impact that matters.

  • 11 Video Lessons

    The 11-video Online Masterclass breaks down every part of the Masterclass and takes you through how to facilitate the main Emotional Culture Workshop Jeremy runs with his clients. You will be guided through the same experience as live Masterclass participants, including dozens of extra tips and tricks to help you run the most impactful and memorable ECD workshops possible.

  • The Emotional Culture Deck & Toolkit

    As part of this Online Masterclass, we'll send you an Emotional Culture Deck worth $99USD. Plus we'll give you access to The Emotional Culture Deck Toolki, which has more than 12 PDF tools, resources and workshop plans to help you create and deliver a variety of different team culture workshops.

  • Online Community

    When you complete the Online Masterclass you'll get access to our Elephant Rider Online Slack Community. Get help from and interact with hundreds of other Emotional Culture Deck adopters, share ideas, ask questions plus get access to other tips and tricks only available to our Elephant Rider Slack Community.