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The Emotional Culture Deck

The Emotional Culture Deck is simple yet powerful and flexible tool for creating face-to-face conversations about culture and leadership within any organisation or team. It will help you drive bottom up change in workplace culture.

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The Duo Pack
(2 decks + Plus Toolkit

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The Team Pack
(5 decks + Plus Toolkit

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The Studio Pack
(10 decks + Toolkit & 1-2-1 Coaching Session)

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How to use The Emotional Culture Deck


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We designed the deck to help you reduce herd mentality and group think. We've been in too many workshops where the alpha male or female dominates the discussion and anchors the discussion by being either the first to speak or the loudest in the room. By giving everyone in a workshop their own deck, you allow both the introverts, extroverts and ambiverts all to contribute equally and you will be able to switch easily between individual reflection and group discussion.


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Emotional Culture Deck Toolkit

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"The Deck has the power of allowing people to go deeper in their reflections and it can change the dynamics of teams and create unusual openness in people. This experience pushed me to use the Deck in my 1:1 coaching conversations."

– Jakub Jurkiewicz , Air New Zealand