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Collection: Emotional Culture Deck Masterclasses

What is the Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass?

In our half-day Emotional Culture Deck Masterclasses you learn about why emotion matters in the workplace and how you can use The Emotional Culture Deck to create more human & empathetic workplaces.

I've found the best way to help leaders learn more about emotional culture and the deck is to participate in a session first hand – going through The Emotional Culture Deck yourself and learning about emotional culture at the same time.

So far we have run Masterclasses in Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney.

Here are our upcoming Masterclasses:

  • Toronto, Canada – April 23rd
  • Chicago, US – April 26th
  • Auckland, NZ – May 8 and May 9
  • London, UK – June 25th. 
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  • NYC Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass – June 3
    NYC Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass – June 3
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